quinta-feira, 30 de abril de 2015


Life is full of perhaps,
what if and sometimes.
All the perhaps
make us question and wonder.
All the what if
make us regret and change.
All the sometimes
make us imporve and value.

That's why we understand
life and ourselves better,
because sometimes smilling 
is the greatest act of defiance.
Sometimes asking for help
is the most meaningfull example of self-reliance.
Sometimes the best medicine
is to just laugh until you cry.
Sometimes the greatest wisdom
comes from accepting you.
Sometimes just going to bed
is the best antidote to trials and tribulations.
Sometimes just being blessed
is to get up again
and face it all for one more day. 

This is worthy of celebration,
because it makes you believe.
Believe that your weirdness
will make you make stronger and unique,
that your dark side
will keep you whole,
that your vulnerability
will conect you to
the rest of one suffering world,
that your creativity
will set you free.

Fill life, mostly, with sometimes
and believe that there's 
nothing wrong with you.

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